New Yorkers often like to point out the fact that hipsters have found a homeland in the area of Williamsburg, but the north-Brooklyn neighborhood is one of the city's most dynamic and evolving places to live in and even strollers can be seen on the sidewalks these days.
Williamsburg was once home to working class immigrants and several large factories, including the Domino Sugar and Dutch Mustard factories which still stand as landmarks of the area's history. In modern day, the hipster influence has made the neighborhood a center of creative art, music, food, and culture. Several concert venues in the area have attracted popular acts in the past few years. Many of the aging warehouses have been transformed into shops, restaurants, and luxury living spaces. The Williamsburg restaurant scene is constantly shifting and you will find trusty favorites like Peter Luger right next to the latest hot spots.

Williamsburg is a truly unique neighborhood in Brooklyn. It has been transformed from a neglected industrial area to a lively cultural destination for any New Yorker - come and explore!



Tips From The Locals 

Spend a couple of hours at…Brooklyn Bike Park. Admission is free and you can bring your own bike or rent bike and helmet for a small fee to ride the child-friendly circle track as well as the advanced pump track for the more skilled riders.

And then in summer…cool off at McCarren Park Pool and relax pool-side in a beach chair. Be prepared to wait in line. 

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