From The Bridges To The Parks - New York City Round And Round

It’s a New Year and time for a new episode of “From the Bridges to the Parks”. Time passes by quicker than you want it to. There is no slowing it down either. Days flip by and turn into weeks, which become months and then years. It is a constant spinning, spinning, spinning that never ceases. But each time a new year begins we create resolutions. This process lets us slow down this carnival ride just a little and figure out how to get more enjoyment out of the coming year. One of the best resolutions is to get out and explore. And what better place to start than in one of the greatest cities on Earth, the one we all live in, New York City. However, the key to unlocking this amusement park of a city is this – don’t do it alone. An adventure is only an adventure if you share it with someone else. Take an old friend out to a new bar downtown and let the night go where it may. Take the one that you love out for a romantic dinner on a rooftop in Dumbo, overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Take the family out for a day of wonder at the Prospect Park Zoo. There are so many diverse and interesting things to do and see all right outside your doorstep. The ride will keep on spinning but your friends and family are on it with you to cherish every fleeting moment. Enjoy the ride and Happy New Year!

There is a briskness in the air. It is time for the next video in the “From the Bridges to the Parks” series. The leaves that were once green and full of life are now a warm shade of orange and red. Scarves and jackets appear wrapped around passersby. It seems appropriate that the colder it gets, the closer we come to one another. Just as the leaves are turning brown, families gather around the dinner table. Before the last bite of pumpkin pie, the leaves fall, floating through the air to come to rest amongst their brethren on the streets and sidewalks. As the days tick by, the trees shed their last remaining leaves, the air grows colder, and the sky turns grey. Before long, that white fluffy stuff starts cascading down from the clouds, covering everything in its blanket. Hats and gloves take care to cloak any last resemblance of humanity on the streets. What are left are black lines meandering around a white board that is New York City in the winter. Nevertheless, with the cold brings the holidays. Once again, friends and family gather, this time nestled around a fireplace, blanketing themselves in warmth, love, and happiness. Enjoy the changing of the seasons and Happy New Year!

From The Bridges To The Parks - Follow the Sun 

A fresh autumn day dawns on New York City and on another chapter of “From the Bridges to the Parks”. The sun stretches its shimmering arms across the harbor, warming up the bundled commuters. The light bouncing off tall, glass buildings, poking its way through the golden leaves, guiding you on your way. Shadows cast in every direction from all manner of metropolitan life creating beautiful displays of shape and contrast. Watch the clouds shuffle by overhead seemingly inches from the tops of the skyscrapers. The sun disappears past the horizon, the last of its rays painting the sky - all is still for one moment - the city becomes a silhouette. When all seems done, the bright lights click on and a different part of New York City awakens. The night begins, as do new adventures waiting for you around the next corner. This city moves and changes faster than the colors of the leaves on the trees. Get out and soak up all it has to offer.

From the Bridges to the Parks - Brooklyn

From rooftop cocktails and Broadway shows to farmer’s markets and corner bakeries, the lifestyle of a New Yorker is unique and constantly on the move. In “From the Bridges to the Parks”, I’ve captured the essence of it all in a few short clips. Follow me on a whirlwind tour of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and everywhere in between! Here is the first video of the series: 

Take a ride through Brooklyn. Cross over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and down through the quaint, tree-lined streets. Bask in the charm of its old-world architecture with brownstones as far as the eye can see. Make your way over to Prospect Park where you’ll forget you’re even in the city. It’s no wonder Brooklyn is in a renaissance. This is the hip place to be for anyone looking to start anew in the city – from young families to those wanting a break from the bustle of Manhattan – Brooklyn has a place for you.

From The Bridges To The Parks - Manhattan

On now to Manhattan for the second installment of my “From the Bridges to the Parks” series. The journey starts at the piers down in Battery Park where ferries shuttle in suits ready for their day on the trading floors. Travel north over the cobblestone streets of SoHo, under the arch at Washington Square Park, and up to historic Union Square for the farmer’s market to eat an apple beneath the statue of George Washington. Continuing on your way, watch the heavens disappear as skyscrapers take over fighting for the best views of the city from their lofty rooftops. Don’t stop now; push through the crowds and honking yellow cabs in Midtown into the greenery of Central Park. This city is constantly buzzing with shows, concerts, sports games, and don’t miss the plethora of museums, restaurants, and clubs on offer. Manhattan is the hub of NYC - the place to be and be seen. No matter what neighborhood, Manhattan has something for you.