How to Tell People You Are Moving

How to Tell Important Folks You’re Moving

You’ve listed your place and you’ve found a new home in a dreamy neighborhood.  You’ve consulted a financial professional and have lined up your finances.  Your move is now a definite reality!  

It’s time to tell the important people in your life.  

Depending on your lifestyle, this could mean telling your roommate you won’t be renewing the lease with them or telling your mother-in-law you won’t be living close enough to get together for Sunday night pasta dinners anymore.  If it’s a work related move, you have the big task of telling your boss you’re resigning.  No matter what, letting people know you’re moving can be very emotional—for you and for them.  Try to find the right time to break the news and always be sensitive to how you can ease the transition for those you are leaving behind.  If you find yourself having difficulty with this part of the move, check out some of these useful sites[or work in some links like in next paragraph].

If you have kids, there’s a little extra care that goes into making the big announcement.  Parents sometimes think that kids don’t get that something big is underfoot, but they pick up more than we realize!  Timing your announcement correctly can help curb their anxiety—experts recommend a month notice, unless packing/home showings necessitate breaking the news earlier.  Also, making them feel like part of the process by giving them age appropriate packing jobs and the like can give them a much needed sense of control.  Making a trip, if possible, to your future neighborhood (and a little sweet-treat reinforcement) could also help build positive associations with the move as would sharing your own memories of moving.  

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