Moving: Pack, Purge and Plan

Moving: Pack, Purge and Plan

You’ve bought your dream home, you’ve hired the movers and now (unless you’ve hired a full-service moving company) it’s time to get down to the laborious task of packing. 


First thing you’ll have to get hold of?  The humble cardboard box and its friend, packing tape. Try to go around your home and assess exactly how much you’ll need. Your movers might provide you with boxes as part of the package, or if you’re a do-it-yourselfer you can get some quality ones at U-Haul. Once you’ve got a mountain of cardboard in your home, you know you’re ready to get down to business.


While you go object to object, room to room packing up your world, keep in mind the unpacking process. If you did not do a thorough job of purging during the Getting Ready to List phase, now is the time. Avail yourself of services like 1800gotjunk and drop off donation locations like Salvation Army or Housing Works. The last thing you want to do is go through the trouble of packing, moving and unpacking something that you don’t really need anymore.


Another way to pack smart? Pack by room. If you know where you’re going, packing living room items separate from bedroom items will save you the hassle of lugging your big box of jeans up your brand new, two-landing staircase. Mark certain boxes as priority, like bathroom essentials and toys for children. This way the kids will feel at home faster, and you won’t waste time trying to find your shampoo when you’re ready for your first post-move shower.

Similarly, making a furniture plan in advance of the move will save you time and effort later. Take a look at your new home’s floorplan and decide where you want to put your couch/dining table/piano/grandfather clock. You may even want to think about hiring an interior designer to help you design your new space before you get make the move. While this is an added expense, knowing what fits in your new home and where—and what pieces you might need to fill in the gaps—might save you time and money in the long run. 


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