Movers, Checklists & Lots of Deep Breath

Moving: Movers, Checklists and Lots of Deep Breaths

Congratulations!  You’re moving!  

This is an exciting time, albeit stressful.  It can be overwhelming to pack up a home you’ve been in for so long, to line up movers, to say goodbye.  Luckily, we’ve got some tips to start you off—and keep you—on the right path.  


The first thing to address when planning a move is what level of service you are going to require. Based on your needs and budget there are a variety of options.  You can source your own boxes, pack everything yourself and go the U-Haul route. Or you can hire a company to pack up everything from your couch to your wedding china and move it for you to your new home.  There are also a lot of options in between.  Take stock of what you have, decide what you need and go from there.

Once you’ve made that fundamental decision, get recommendations from friends and colleagues (or from us!) and call around to get some service quotes.  Once you’ve found a company you’re happy with, book them! You’d be amazed how fast movers fill up their schedules.


Hiring a mover is only one of many tasks you need to complete in order to make a successful move. You’ll want to create a list to keep track of everything.  From procuring moving insurance to meal planning, this checklist is one of our favorites.  Need a little more hand-holding?  Here’s another great checklist for the month leading up to your move, broken down by week.  

If you’re moving with pets, you’ll need to add a few items to the list. Whether you’re looking for a vet or dogwalker in your new neighborhood, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your pet’s stress level down and make it a smooth transition for everyone.    

Extra help.

Sometimes moving comes at the most inconvenient time.  Maybe you’re up all night with a new infant, or working late hours for a new job.  If you’re finding yourself drowning in a sea of details with no real mental space to devote to your move, we have a solution for that as well.  Try moved, an app that pairs you with a personal assistant to coordinate every aspect of the move, no checklist required.    

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