Brooklyn is one of the most diverse places in the world and the neighborhood of Kensington is the epitome of cultural diversity. Throughout the 20th-century, immigrants from every corner of the globe moved into the inviting community. This diversity has rubbed off on many of the local shops and restaurants while the historic single family homes in the area make a stroll around the block seem like a history lesson.

Several commercial districts are spread around the area; the main one focusing around Church Avenue. Ocean Parkway is an expansive boulevard that runs all the way from Kensington to Coney Island and is a popular location for running and biking. A nearby historic district is packed with lavish Victorian homes and dining and shopping options. In the vicinity of Kensington is Prospect Park; a favorite amongst local residents. Kensington Stables is the last business to offer horseback riding lessons in Prospect Park.



Tips From The Locals 

Favorite spot is…Goldenfarm. If you are looking for unique and rare foods from around the world but don’t want to travel abroad make sure to stop by at Goldenfarm. 

While you are here, don’t forget…to pick up flowers from the nursery J&L Landscaping Contractors on Caton Avenue. Great selection of potted herbs, trees and perennials at modest prices.   

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