Here's to health, lots of laughs and great adventures in 2016 - wishing you and your families a Happy New Year!

An ancient German custom is Bleigiessen at New Year’s Eve. A candle is lit, and small chunks of lead (well, nowadays more environmentally friendly wax) are melted in a spoon held over the candle. The molten lead is quickly poured into a bucket of ice cold water, hardening almost immediately. Each person around the table tries to figure out the shape of the hardened lead or wax because the shape tells a person’s future for the year to come.


Let’s not leave it up to an ancient German custom to find out what the future of the Brooklyn real estate market holds in 2016. Here are Brownstoner’s observations and predictions for the year ahead, including my take on the market:
A Look Ahead: What to Expect in Brooklyn in 2016

Cheers to 366 sparkling days ahead of us!