The Gowanus area is a crossroads of the adjacent Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, and Boerum Hill neighborhoods. This proximity to some of the borough’s most sought after neighborhoods makes Gowanus the ideal place to explore all of the benefits of life and culture in the diverse neighborhoods around Brooklyn. To give Gowanus an easy geographic location point, it is the area that lays beneath the shadow of the iconic Kentile Floors sign. This part of the borough was historically an industrial crevice that split the borough, as many manufacturing companies wanted to utilize the Gowanus Canal for the business. Nowadays, many of the warehouses and stockyards that used to line the area are being actively transformed into contemporary building spaces in a highly evolving region of Brooklyn.

Gowanus is rooted in its deep history of manufacturing, but a major movement throughout the past decade is transforming the neighborhood into an urban powerhouse that preaches the importance of remembering the past, but aiming for a brighter future.


Tips From The Locals 

And in the evenings…take a stroll down the Whole Foods promenade after you are done grocery shopping and catch a glimpse of the Freedom Tower. 

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