Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights

Sometimes referred to as "America's first suburb", Brooklyn Heights is one of the borough's most extraordinary neighborhoods. The rowhouses that line the streets are composed of a great variety of architectural styles and maintain the area's historical significance. The neighborhood was home to the fictional Huxtable family from the popular TV program, "The Cosby Show".

The proximity to the East River provides residents with several enticing features including the Brooklyn Heights Promenade offering a picturesque view of the Downtown Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge Park which is one the city's newest and most dynamic green spaces. Perpendicular to the Promenade is Montague Street, which features renowned shops and restaurants. Nearby is Borough Hall and Columbus Park, where a large open-air farmer's market is held every week. Other attractions in the area include Plymouth Church and the Brooklyn Historical Society, which regularly puts on exhibitions about the borough's storied past. Some of the city's finest secondary schools can be found in the area, including St. Ann's and Packer Collegiate. Grimaldi's, a restaurant that many locals agree produces the city's best pizza slice, is just a short walk away. Brooklyn Heights has something for everyone and is a wonderful community away from the hustle and bustle of the city.



Tips From The Locals

And what they don’t tell you in the guidebooks is….to bring your sneakers and explore all the sports activities that Brooklyn Bridge Park has to offer. 

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