Boerum Hill

Boerum Hill

Despite the name, there is no real change of elevation through the area. The streets are lined with tall trees and historic rowhouses. The ground levels of many corner homes have recently been transformed into antique cafes; ideal places to get a delicious Sunday brunch. A small section of Smith Street is the main commercial district in Boerum Hill, leaving the majority of the area as residential space. Just to the east of the neighborhood is the newly constructed Barclays Center. The center provides residents with access to lively attractions such as professional sports games and grandiose concerts.

A wonderful benefit to living in the neighborhood is that almost all of New York City's major subway lines have stops nearby. But in reality, why would you want to leave? Boerum Hill is a welcoming and small community in Brooklyn that is a joy to live in during all four seasons of the year.



Tips From The Locals 

If you love cheese…Stinky cheese is a must on your list. The selection of cheese and cured meats is perfection and it is cheesy but the cheese club of the month is a great gift for any cheese connoisseur.  

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