The Gabriele Moment‬: In Memory of Carlos

A few years back my Dad Winnie boarded a plane from Hamburg, Germany to New York City with a kite. A kite lover used to the strong winds of the North Sea, my Dad set out to conquer Prospect Park while my Mom and I pushed the stroller with Ryan, our first born, loop after loop. Day after day my Dad went into the park flying his kite the summer of 2006, all by himself until Carlos came. These days there is a large well-known kite community in Prospect Park but my Dad and Carlos started it almost 10 years ago, sitting side by side, hour after hour, year after year letting their kites fly up high into the sky until you only saw a tiny spot on the horizon. Today we had a kite flying memorial for Carlos. Taken from us too soon, he and my Dad created a legacy. Carlos and his dog Diego were well-known and loved in the community and today my five year old daughter Keira and I let a kite fly in honor of Carlos. My Dad is no longer able to travel and I wish he could have run over the lawn with Keira today the same way he ran over the lawn with Ryan – but we told him all about it via facetime so this Gabriele moment is for my Dad and Carlos.