The Gabriele Moment‬: Run in Prospect Park

Being a Mom feels special to me every day - don't get me wrong there are moments in my life where my patience is tested and I think my Mom can relate but my children make me smile every day – no matter what. 

As Moms we always tend to put others first so it was really sweet that my children insisted I do something for myself today. And instead of sleeping in, very tempting, I decided to go for my first run of the season in ProspectPark. I am not an avid runner, in fact I am convinced after the first five minutes I am not going to make it. But then my survival instinct kicks in and I managed the big loop in a little bit more than 40 minutes. And my favorite part was running towards my children and husband who were at my son’s baseball game cheering me on as if I were to cross the finish line of a Marathon. It is all about support, love and not giving up and here’s to all the Moms who day after day make it work – and to my Mom who still cheers me on from afar via Facetime.

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