The Gabriele Moment: It is all about presentation

I could not resist and had to take a picture of this amazing salad. It was almost too beautiful to eat but then of course I had the first bites with delight.

With food it is very simple, the eyes eat first. But when it comes to real estate it is not much different. As a buyer you want to be able to envision yourself in the space and while someone else’s family photos are really lovely you want to be able to imagine your favorite shots up on the wall. For a seller it can be challenging though to create a shopping experience complementing both the property that a buyer is considering and his concept of himself living in that home. And presentation plays a big role. First impressions stick. It takes a buyer usually only 3-6 minutes to view a property and make a decision – just like me with my salad: It was love at first sight. 

Gabriele SewtzComment