The Gabriele Moment

The Gabriele Moment: I like to capture the moment. A moment with my family, a moment walking down the street in my neighborhood, a moment when my work as a real estate broker makes a difference in someone else's life, a quiet moment of beauty, an interesting moment to share with friends or a meaningful moment that makes you smile.

I love black and white photography and have spent many hours in my darkroom. When I sold our apartment, I made the bold decision to go digital although our house had ample space for my two enlargers. I enjoy taking a complex scene and breaking it down into the basics. Black and white photography strikes the perfect balance between realism and abstraction.

I find myself posting more and more on Instagram, and as tempting as the black and white filter is, I seldom us it. Nothing communicates emotions better than a color image. While I love the instant gratification of sharing a moment, I realized the other day scrolling through my images that it is not just about capturing a moment. It is a documentation of my life!

A moment to pause, a moment to share, a moment to celebrate, a moment to reflect, a moment to give back, join me for The Gabriele Moment.

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